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Monday, 11-Aug-2008 13:13 Email | Share | | Bookmark

Well, I would like to say thanks to all that smile to me when Im shooting your pics. It made my days and making my pics much better.

Thanks to Along for giving me permission to enter the track.

Mama-Jane and Ariff for the breakfast.

Lets see some of the participants and crew;

Teng-Ku D-Jan. (Joe Han style)

Donut-Dweeb a.k.a Joe Han.

Mr. Nismo as one of the judges.

They even talked about racing shoes. Seriously.

Participants from southern Malaysia.

They do look like samurai inside a racing suit:

One of the reason I came today:


KE70 with a rotary engine!

Its worth to come to look at the beast in action.

"Please dont bang the photographer, we are not a clipping point"

The Action:

More pics uploaded:

Friday, 1-Aug-2008 08:35 Email | Share | | Bookmark

Sorry for the super late posting. Im busy at my college, still trying to adapt to new semester and the schedule. Plus lack of internet network.

New resolution = 500 x 332 due to broadband problem.
And less pictures now.Do comment my pics. Enjoy~

Amat Gelimat VIP-look-alike KE70.

Gila camber of the day~

Goodyear's chicks.

Few sideways action.

Then we went to the cheerleader comp.

Drifter that went to cheer comp rather went to the drift event.

Typical hum-sap cameraman!

Some random chicks. Hehehe.

Friday, 4-Jul-2008 10:58 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Bukit Jalil Drift Academy Session.

Less peoples and drifters.. I guess everybody is going to Melaka for Star Drift. Well.. Atleast most of the begineer can practice without too much pressure from senior. Layout is still the same with last week session.

Lets see some unique shots:

Most of them are doing hand-sign to me.

Dude, you owe me one shot tomorrow!

Now lets see some of the drifter faces that I manage to caught onboard and candid:

My drift teacher of-the-day that eat a water barrier today (Sounds gay):

You shoot me, I shot you!

The closest tsuiso of-the-day:

Wanna some hot-boiled tea?

Alex's car is period!

Hmm... Donut? Jai? Hehehehe.

The reason tyre price is going up!

Onboard view.

The most hardest candid. Ariff is a camera-shy person.


Donut by Jai's wife. 2nd gear!

"1lap only.. Promise..."


The most 'complete' photographer. "Macam-macam ada" inside his bag.

Burn? He hates camera yet he loves to pose.

Mr. Rudy teaching donut.


Old school category.

New school category.

R33 4doors?

One and only RWD Satria.

Kambing.. Mbeeekkkkk Nickkkk.

TT141 rite? For Nick Kumbing..

The most 'pisang' car.

Im being donut.

The most expensivest car of-the-day.


The official launching for Team Maxxis and the event.

Rudy tryin his best in front of Dato' .....I forgot your name lah Sir. Im sorry.

From what I heard, "Ini kereta endorsed x!?"

Flag off.

Dato' also wanna a thrill ride.

In the future drifters?

Photo session.

"Seram jugak kat dalam kereta td.."


The launching of Maxxis Drift Team.





Off Topic:
What car is this? Very nice.

Tuesday, 24-Jun-2008 18:23 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Kompleks Sukan Negara Drift Session (Sunday)

Today was fun..Everyone enjoying themselves. Congratulations to the winners!

The Results:
1st : Tan Tat Wei Team Brigdestone & Ah Boy Under5ive
2nd : Team Toyo
3rd : Team Maxxis

Best Performer: Tan Tat Wei Team Brigdestone
Crowd Favourite: Team Maxxis
Smoke King: Ah Fai Team GoodYear

Sneak Preview:
Champion Divider of the Day!

Twin Drift.

Is Wanbra dancing? Haha.


For now, goodnight everyone.

Happy faces.

Ish3.. My car naik divider. Luckily not turun tebing also.

The most sporting drifter.

Wanbra tryin his best to tackle those girls.

Even the drift princess also he wants!

Judges view.

Even he's busy.. Krooh..Zzzz.

"I dont care, I want like this one..Ok?"

Hindustan hero.

I left my car's key!

"I will do my best honey.."

Who's that?!

Muka ketat marshall coz kerja keras...

Tara..Guess who?

Dewa also got smoked!

Slide Mulisha? What's that?

The winners.

Onboard picture. Mau tiru Lyzard. Xjadi..

Team Goodyear.

Team Dunlop.

Team Toyo.



Close Call.




WonderBra burnout.

Twin Drift Battle..

Team Maxxis.

For Jack that cannot tahan anymore..

Team Goodyear.

Goodyear VS Toyo.

Team Dunlop.

Team Toyo.

The Winner. Ah Boi and Tan Tat Wei.
(Ah Boi car was very loud coz he had to chop off his exhaust during yesterday accident.)

Team AE70 Rare Species.

Jai & Burn. (Sounds like Joy and Burn)

Team KE70.


Tuesday, 24-Jun-2008 18:11 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Kompleks Sukan Negara Drift Session (Saturday)

Sneak Preview:

and yet the same 'Hindustan' hero...

Others pics will be uploaded tonight..Now..Rest time!

The happy faces.

Our very own Hindustan actor that didnt make it to Bolywood but make it to Driftwood.


Lu suap saya..Saya kasi lu ini trophy.

And the most 'tak-boleh-belah' pic! Damn you guys really made my day!

Some of the fuel guzzlers..

Somebody just blow the radiator.. Feel sorry for you mate..

See you again soon!

The Tsuisos.


Team Undercoat. Hehe.

Jai & Burn.

The Sideways Sindrome.

Team Maxxis.

Hehe. I was in the car wit deWA-GEn..

Team Toyo Drift.



O-One Supercharge.





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